The RoxKal – Two Dogs With One Goal

The RoxKal has one goal, which is to play ball with as many people as possible.  When we head to the beach or dog park they will play ball with anyone who will throw it.  In turn, we meet tons of people and able to share the word about conservation, sustainability, biodiversity, and the current issues affecting our planet.

My two loyal furbabies are big part of my life and as this world was made for all of us they also have adventure stories to share as we travel together and take part in conservation efforts. I have added this page to share their fun times exploring places that dogs are allowed – and sometimes places where dogs are NOT allowed.

They are both Australian Shepards.  Roxy is a 8 year old standard blue merle.  Kali is a mini red merle, who is 7 years old. Roxy and I have been partners in crime since she was 8 weeks old.  And Kali joined our family two years ago.

Clean and ready to take make the long voyage north. Note: After traveling with smelly dogs in the past – it now policy to bath the dog before long rides in the car.

In November 2012, they moved to Milwaukee, WI with me.  We traveled in a U-haul for 23 hours from New Mexico to Milwaukee – leaving sunshine and arriving in cold, dreary, windy weather.  Which has not left yet, and it is April.

Ok well it is not to bad, our neighbors ride along too. Some have friendly pets, others have bags of yummy goodies, and of course there are the kids. Riding the elevator is actually kind of fun!

Roxy and Kali love rolling in the fresh snow, but really do not like walking on the salt covered sidewalks.  Their little paws raw from the salt required doggie paw vasoline – and it really helps.  Plus Kali sported snow boots – which she totally adores (NOT)!

Really? Is this necessary?
Roxy the roller bug – she loves to roll around in the snow. (I think she does it to make me laugh) Kali is sticking out her tongue at the cold weather.


Guess who was my Valentine?  When I got home Jessica (the favorite pet sitter) had put heart bandanas on the girls!  They were so happy to greet me and show their love.



We like to go for rides in the car.  In fact, we took some nice rides around Milwaukee to Lake Genova and the surrounding area.  Of course, we make a stop at Starbucks for a hot cafe.  But we also make sure to stop and play fetch at the clean dog parks – we know its clean if we don’t smell it before we get there.

Mom, another ride to get Starbucks?

November 2012, Pluto tried to make a move into their turf.  Roxy and Kali are still a bit sensitive about this proposition. So please keep don’t mention “PLUTO” around them.

Who is this new dog on the block?
Shhhh….I said “yes” – don’t tell Roxy and Kali – they are sensitive to me meeting new dogs on my travels!

May 2, 2013

The RoxKal just joined BarkBox.  And are encouraging their friends to do so too by clicking here.  BarkBox comes every month and has all kinds of treats and goodies in it.  A portion of the proceeds goes to help doggies in need around the US.

The RoxKal are doing their part to help out.

May 6, 2013

Kali is so into squirrels, I can hardly get her to look at me.  And Roxy is just as cute as can be laying patiently until I say "go get the squirrels"
Kali is so into squirrels, I can hardly get her to look at me. And Roxy is just as cute as can be laying patiently until I say “go get the squirrels”
Their favorite squirrel hunting park - Bay Bay Park.
Their favorite squirrel hunting park – Bay Bay Park.
Evening walk on the beach.
Evening walk on the lake front. Lake Michigan










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