Emerald Flip Flops


In 2012 I met a marine biologist – aka Turtle Nerd.  I was astonished and so excited because for the first time  I met a “real” marine biologist.  The idea of chasing sea turtles around the world, studying dolphins, and having the ocean as a cubical seemed like the ideal profession to me. Far from my illusion and childhood dream of becoming a marine biologist, he is living proof that people do become marine biologist when they grow up. And in my mind lucky to be living the dream most kids have at some point in their childhood.

Turtle Nerd’s passion and efforts for sea turtle protection through scientific research spurred this cowgirl into action! To be reunited with a childhood dream is something like adding oxygen to a pile of embers – a flame ignites.  Images of my small elementary school library in Los Alamos appeared instantly in my mind – a place where I read every book about marine life and I too dreamed of becoming a marine biologist. I recall telling my mom how much I desired to help protect dolphins because “the ocean is getting dirty.”

Since taking the risk to change my career path, I know that our hearts when we are children know so much more about who we are, than our adult minds would like to give us credit.  I encourage everyone to reconnect with that childhood dream and go for it.

As a professional and now adult with a biology degree, instead of waves crashing, sunsets, and dolphins jumping out of the water (I am aware this is not a true office space for all oceanographers and marine biologists, but to be fair it is my own personal childhood dream), I chase budgets, schedules, and project scopes in a dull cubical as a project manager.  This is not what my heart is telling me chase…  so thanks to Turtle Nerd, I reconnected with my hearts desire to become a marine biologist, doing my part to protect our ocean, the cultural heritage, and all marine life who have no voice.  My passion is to make people aware of their impact on the worlds oceans and educate them on what they can do to reduce, reuse, and recycle as a way to lessen the negative aspects of our global and individual footprints.

Note:  As I update this post, I will gladly reveal that in 2014 after two years of volunteer work – I applied to Scripps Institution of Oceanography and was selected in the Center for Marine Conservation and Biodiversity graduate program. I focused my studies on whales and in the end I have seen almost all the major oceans in the world and many different whale and dolphin species. I have also flown drones and become a licensed drone pilot.

As I move into this next professional phase of my life I want to share how we can use science to motivate change in our world and increase benefits to all humanity and ecosystems through advancements in technology. I want to share how we can use technology to benefit our ocean heritage.

I challenge you to take action in your travels to conserve, protect, and make a difference

Do Your Part & Give Back & Follow Your Heart – Opportunities Are Everywhere!

Crystal Pier in Pacific Beach. San Diego, CA – The Morning After Beach Clean-Up on July 5, 2013
Maranda & Me – A beautiful New Mexico evening ride on my faithful friend.

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