Conservation Mission Possible (CMP)

The mission of this blog is to use travel, volunteer work, environmental organizations, recycling company information, The RoxKal, and multiple other people and sources to share how as one working together we can protect the earth.

After all – “The world was not made for any one species.” (Ismael Quotes)


This website is strictly devoted to travel, fun, and wonders not everyone gets to experience in life.  The adventures are purely my desire to learn how to give back and make every conscious effort to conserve and protect the environment and make an impact through understanding and sharing the issues around affecting the health of our oceans and life within the water.

I have been told by friends and family that I am brave to explore the world, I just see it as doing my part.  And I hope that I can inspire and encourage others to conserve and protect their environments or at least become more aware of the small changes in our daily actions do have huge impacts on sustainability.

Things Learned To Complete A Successful CMP:

– Large marine cetaceans (whales and dolphins) belong with their families in the ocean, not in swimming pools for our entertainment

– Every beach clean up counts

– Turn off your computer screen at the end of the day to conserve energy

– Use reusable water bottles

– Now that smokers are banned totally from smoking indoors we have a serious cigarette butt problem on the streets

– Most people do not know what is “recyclable” – and what has changed in the past years. Yes the list has grown

– The RoxKal are the best clean-up buds, they attract the people and soon multiple people are cleaning or made aware of the issues on the beaches

– Inland watersheds are the major contributors to the high pollution levels in our oceans, lakes, and streams – after it rains all the water runs somewhere and it takes our visible/invisible trash along with it

– The little things matter most

– Kindness and compassion will open unexpected paths

– 99.9% mean well, so always give someone your best smile and welcome them into your path

– Follow your dreams because they know the way

– At least once a year go someplace you have never been before



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