Mutts Against Butts The First Dog-Friendly Environmental Cleanup Campaign

Mutts Against Butts

Mutts Against Butts is the first dog-friendly environmental cleanup in San Diego.  We focus on collecting cigarette butts to reduce pollution in our water ways and the streets, while having fun with our dogs, family, friends in a variety of San Diego neighborhoods. 

Our first event is located on Garnet Ave in Pacific Beach, CA on March 1, 2104 from 9am to 11am.  The 30,000+ residents in the area, surrounding neighborhoods, and marine life will all benefit from the cleanup. The cigarette butts will be sent to TerraCycle in New Jersey (NJ). The company recycles the butts into recycle bins and other products.

The new twist on environmental cleanups has spurred a lot of interest in the area. Pacific Beach Town Council, Discover PB, local businesses, local schools, and San Diego environmental organizations are all supporting the event in many ways. Some businesses are collaborating with Mutts Against Butts to provide “after parties” – a combination of dog-friendly cleanups and eating on dog-friendly patios to increase economic flow in the neighborhoods. The positive impact of these events include educational value, economic stimulation, and environmental sustainability to San Diego residents.

And as we work together on this event, we enrich the lives of our dogs, while they in turn enrich ours. And together we enrich the lives of everyone in Greater San Diego.

Mutt final flyer

Attendance is anticipated to be between 75-100 people and dogs.  We have prizes for dogs and people from local businesses and larger companies around the west coast.

Mutts Against Butts event information can be found via Facebook or contacting Alicia Amerson, Event Organizer at

There are many ways to get involved. Let’s do our part!


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