Happy Bursts

Week two of my new life in San Diego and explanation of Happy Bursts.

My goals as I begin this new adventure are to focus on my passion, which is giving-back to the environment and all species. Exploring the areas where we as human can do better.  Settle into my community and make a difference.  As the pet adoption agency states asks adopters to provide pets with a “Forever Home.”

Thank you San Diego – The RoxKal and I have found our “forever home” here on the west coast in sunny San Diego – where people Stay Classy!


Random Travel Reflection:

Driving 1800 miles from Milwaukee to San Diego I noticed the lack of recycle bins at gas stations.  I also noted opportunities to reuse plastic water bottles, refilling them for the dogs and me.  Most of travel trash can be recycled in most city recycle programs, and most of the purchases made along during a road trip are plastic.  As a country we should ask gas stations to provide water bottle refill stations and recycle bins for travelers.  Why not?

Back to Happy Bursts…

The excitement of being in San Diego is trumping the exhaustion from my travels. As I look for a new home in San Diego (trying to get out of the hotel life), I find myself exploring the many areas of San Diego.  The diversity of this city amazes me.  The steep hills, canyons, and beaches fill a massive landscape of beauty. Around every corner are hidden treasures in regards to beach cottages, small parks tucked away from a busy road, or small town in the middle of the large city. It amazes me how one turn leads to seaside cliffs and winding hills and amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. It is amazing and beautiful.






The architecture here ranges between distinct Spanish influence to seaside cottage; and a bit military conservatism. The blooms of flowers and variety of trees makes each neighborhood inviting to explore. People care about the aesthetic value of the outdoor areas as this is a major part of the San Diegan lifestyle.  All year long, people can take part enjoying a sunset or patio cookout.

The people in San Diego wake up with smiles and tell each other “good morning, it’s a beautiful day.” I smile thinking to myself “Yes it is!” and so was yesterday and I expect tomorrow will be too. I can’t wait to find out if this hypothesis is true.

What is a Happy Burst?  Imagine a Alka Seltzer tablet in water – bubbling and fizzing.

alka seltzer tablet bubbling

Visualize each bubble filled with happiness.

With each passing person, the warmth of the sun, and the cool breeze off the ocean at sunset – each causing little explosions of happiness!

Cheers to new beginnings, bravery, and the opportunity to grow!


One thought on “Happy Bursts

  1. Hi, thanks for sharing your blog, I have always thought what a place has to do with your happiness, reading your blog does make one think… It’s truly inspiring.
    Good luck with your journey!!


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