Do Your Part

Do Your Part

Starting 2013 I have felt strongly about the term “Do Your Part.” In the form of a change maker or dream chaser to make a difference in the world.  This term is now becoming part of my core philosophy. And something that corresponds with living abjectly honesty.

The term “Do Your Part” changed the way I lived my life starting in 2013.  I questioned “How do I do my part” on a daily basis. And found I most wanted to start doing my part by giving back when I visited other places so that the place would remain there for others to enjoy and perhaps one day I may bring my own family.  The basic idea of travel and tourism is to “take away” from our vacations, without any regard to “giving back” to the areas we visit.  Which is now a much larger voice calling me to educate people about “Do Your Part” regardless if it is at home in your local neighborhood or when visiting a new country.  This idea is much like the Tree Pose in Yoga, growing and expanding branches. Especially, with the actions taken in our everyday lives. Changing just one small habit can make a world of difference for so many.

Allowing ourselves to expand beyond the “take away” mentality of travel to the “give back” mentality is simple.  It requires the basic idea to remain present while exploring, opening up to what is coming, and acting upon the opportunity.  It may also require some research prior to setting out on a trip, calling the travel agents to see what volunteer opportunities are available during the travel time.  The volunteer opportunity may only be an hour, a day, or a week of the entire trip; but what a person takes away when they return home will be more rewarding than the days of travel only pursing the ultimate vacation (touring, relaxing, and over consumption).   The personal interactions most affect who we are at the core, regardless if we help during sea turtle nesting season with a group of fearless conservationist or in the jungle of Panama helping citizens without any medical assistance. Taking this adventure home lives in our hearts.

It is now the beginning of 2014 and I have a much clearer picture on how we Do Our Part.  In fact, this one idea has changed the course of my life, added un-measurable amounts of joy, and opened the door to new beginnings.  All stemming from giving back and actively taking part in our communities and world.

How did this happen for me?  How can this happen for you? Simple follow these seven steps to fulfilling your dreams. 

Step 1.  Live abjectly honest with yourself and everyone else.  When a topic seems unbearable to talk about with someone, talk about it.  When people seem to withhold information from you, it’s ok to walk away from them, they still have a lot to learn.  It is 100% ok to require your friends and family to in turn be abjectly honest with you.

Step 2.  Only seek out people, places, activities, hobbies, and things that bring you the most happiness possible.  And continually run at full strength to everything that fills you up with this pure joy. 

Step 3.  Each day actively seeking knowledge about the world we live in – beyond what the reports are telling us. Asking questions on a more scientific basis like “What is climate change?” and how do we fix it?…  Is it even fixable?

Step 4.  Challenge yourself with new activities.  Writing, photography, running a marathon, sky diving, a solo trip to a new country, or just getting passed your front door away from your computer.

Step 5.  Find someone who you want to be like when you get to their age.  So yes, think ahead to who you want to be.  If you find that person, latch on, help them, seek advice, and let them help you build your dreams.

Step 6.  Get in tuned with you were as a child.  That little kid who lives in your heart is still there and wants to come play.  So play in life and be who you were supposed to be.  Remember who you were before the outside told you who you were supposed to be when you grew up.

Step 7.  Use all this information above to help out in your home, neighborhood, city, state, country, world; find a volunteer opportunity, or talk to a young child who maybe struggling, you can make a difference.  And together all of us can Do Our Part.



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