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This past week I found out about g2 Revolution – what I consider a boutique recycling company. g2’s recycle concepts are to good not to share. And if you have an idea about recycling or have some type of waste that “could” be recycled but has no path yet, they might want to know about it.

Coffee, Chemicals, Dog Hair Problematic? – Ecolutions Turn Waste into Second Life Solutions – A True Boutique Recycle Experience

Scott DeMuth, the Vice President of Business Development of g2 Revolution contacted me about a current g2 Revolution Ecolution called Grounds To Grow On – a recycle program established for Keurig K-Cups. Not only is g2 focused on coffee grounds and K-Cups, the company is truly boutique, offering innovative recycling solutions and services tailored for all types of industries.


The Emerald Flip Flop is asking companies to focus on “PreCycling” meaning: the products we buy should be made of materials we can up-cycle, recycle, or reuse once it becomes waste.

We Want The Whole User Experience (From Purchase To Recycle).

Today companies around the world are faced with the challenge of what to do with their waste products and how to generate more money (Yes, I know I put this backwards -on purpose). With a strong focus on generating more products to sell; most companies fail to think about where the product will go once the consumer considers the product as waste. What if there was a solution to give the waste a second life along with make a few dollars on the new product?

The benefits would lead to less production of raw materials to create product, new or existing use of recycle systems, reproduction of bio-friendly chemicals or products, and a profit generating industry. This really sounds to-good-to-be-true, yet it is true and it is available. g2 Revolution is providing solutions for companies around the world to take hard-to-recycle waste and make profits while putting it back into our production lines. The solutions are endless with the g2 Recyclogistics team and Ecolutions. Companies and individuals have opportunities to work and live environmentally conscious due to Ecolutions which are already in place today.

And if there is not a way to up-cycle (put back into use in a companies production cycle), recycle, reduce the carbon footprint, or minimize waste streams – the g2 Ecosolution team will help companies design and build systems to accomplish this mission.

What Is Considered Waste?

Companies all over the world are faced with strict regulations or perhaps no regulations about the types of waste products generated from operations. Here in the U.S. most states have internal environmental departmental who are responsible for mandating federal Environmental Protection Agency laws and policies; as well as the more stringent state regulations. Companies must adhere to these regulations per their industry standards. So all industries regardless if it is our military or chemical plant, the product and waste associated with production are regulated.

There are many different forms of waste in this regulatory world.

Waste can be a solid (plastic or metal), liquid (waste water), or gas (propane extraction); each has a specific permit to generate this type of waste.

Beyond the physical description of waste, there is also the chemical make up; meaning non-hazardous (basic garbage) or hazardous (paint, PCBs, batteries, pesticides, bulbs). Non-hazardous waste has many channels to enter back into reduction, reuse, or recycle programs. Where hazardous waste is more challenging for companies. This is the 10% of waste the g2 Ecolution programs are focused in getting back into the production cycle.

This means companies cannot just put the garbage out on the curb like we do at our homes. They have to separate the each type of waste and put it into the right bin. And sometimes have to pay a lot of money to ship it off to its final resting place. In most cases waste is incinerated or ends up in the local dump. If it is considered the really bad stuff (radiological) then it is stored underground forever in a secure container. And then sometimes waste turns into gypsy waste, traveling the worlds water currents and ending up in one of the many Great Garbage Patches found in our oceans.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch
The Great Pacific Garbage Patch Made Of Our House Hold Waste. Plastic, Plastic, Plastic EVERYWHERE.

Your World Your Benefits With g2 Today

Are you wondering what recycle services g2 offers? Below is a detailed list of some of the existing services in place today. Whether you want to do a fund raiser to collect old cell phones and donate money to a charity, or would like to recycle old electronics at your business place, there is a solution for most waste products and it does not involve the trash can or landfill.

Companies like g2 Revolution offer solutions to corporations where win-win solutions are implemented and make a difference in our world.

So challenge yourself – if you have a Keurig coffee maker, get a recycle box and ship back your K-Cups.


Good Will For The Earth

Humanitarian efforts have provided GoodWill programs for donating our unwanted goods to the less fortunate – the stuff we consider useful but just does not fit our unique style or taste anymore. All things turn into waste eventually and we spend our days continually donating all kinds of waste – whether it is useful or not. Our garbage pails get plenty of one-time-use waste products, like plastic silverware or paper coffee cups. So what if we took the donation philosophy and applied it to Second Life actions to this waste we don’t have use for any longer. Our daily actions from Good Will For The Earth leading the way as good will for humanity.

We must start asking companies to make products that are biodegradable or have existing recycle paths. Educate us on where the product should be disposed of once we consider it waste. We also have to ask companies to ensure the waste they generate from making our goodies has an existing pathway for recycle, upcycle, or reuse before our fine treasures are ever put into production.

Good Will For The Earth is the responsibility of companies and consumers alike. Consumers make up the largest body in the production chain and therefore drive the market due to volume. Yes, we have the highest leverage on where each market goes. Companies house the money, so helping them make the right decisions on what we most desire is how we start to repair the damage we have all caused. So lets Do Our Part.



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